systematic and demand-oriented

Planning & layout

At IWAT, we avoid generic solutions. We deliver Turnkey water treatment systems from a single source, which in the end reliably produce the desired water quality.

Generic solutions usually supply any system and cause high operating costs.

We support you right from the start with a systematic and, above all, demand-oriented consultation, followed by goal-oriented plant planning. 

Fixed contact persons and a clear cost framework ensure transparency and planning security throughout all project phases.
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Planung & Auslegung
step by step

IWAT plant planning in detail

Engage with our water experts for an exchange.
Together, we outline your initial situation and define clear goals.
Placing an order
We start with detailed planning.
Measurement evaluation
We objectify your waste/process water. This is how we guarantee IWAT water quality.
layout planning
We define local conditions together — layout adjustments save space and save money.
Process selection
We will now determine exactly which components are required for your tailor-made system.
Detail Engineering
The plant is being planned in detail in Hebertshausen near Munich.
A binding offer is requested and the exact cost framework is determined.
Interface planning
We define the power supply, pneumatic interfaces and water supply.
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What water quality can be achieved with an IWAT system?

Water quality is always our top priority.

Through our individually customizable system concepts, we can treat the water quality according to your requirements. With our flotation systems, we can reduce the COD content by up to 91%. For even higher demands, additional biological stages up to a reverse osmosis system can be installed.

How much space does an IWAT water treatment plant require?

IWAT stands for customized solutions that vary from customer to customer. Therefore, our layouts differ for each project.

However, rest assured - our layout planning aims for optimal space utilization and strict adherence to safety and environmental standards.

Is the maintenance of the plants personnel-intensive?

We strive to minimize manpower by almost completely automating the entire plant. However, manual tasks such as inspection rounds and certain operations (e.g., emptying filled containers) still need to be performed even with our plant technology. During the commissioning phase, your staff will receive comprehensive training from our commissioning engineers. And if there are any uncertainties later on, our office staff are always ready to assist you.

How are IWAT systems cleaned?

From the very beginning of development, we consider the cleaning and maintenance of our IWAT systems. We ensure that each component is easily accessible, thus simplifying the cleaning process. This facilitates straightforward maintenance and extends the lifespan of the systems.
A key advantage of our IWAT systems lies in the innovative design of the tank floors. Unlike traditional systems that feature flat floors and cannot be fully emptied, our tanks are equipped with sloped floors. This design facilitates complete drainage, allowing for effortless removal of water and debris. Starting from the model size CCF8.000, our CCF flotation units also feature these sloped floors, enabling easy cleaning with a hose from the outside.

How can I increase the level of automation in our water treatment plant?

Our engineers are always on the lookout for new automation solutions. Thanks to our strong network with companies in the automation sector, we stay at the forefront of technology. Just tell us your concerns, and we'll work together on automating your facility.

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Other benefits

Anlagenbau IWAT

Engineering & plant construction

Guarantees the highest quality standards “Made in Germany” through our own production in Hebertshausen near Munich.
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Laboratory analysis

With targeted measurements, we tailor the process to the desired water quality.
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Service und Vertrieb

Service & sales

More personal, close and reliable — that's what our IWAT partners all over the world are.
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