Reverence project

Recupac Chile

Plastic recycling with patented IWAT flotation — Compact Conus Flotation
Plastic recycling
LDPE Post Commercial Meterial
25 m³/h flotation
CCF 25000
Santiago de Chile
Reverence project

The project in detail

Recupac Chile, a leading industrial waste management company — installed the first IWAT water treatment plant in South America. The aim was to increase the recycling efficiency of LDPE material, which is obtained from pre-sorted, transparent films from municipal waste. With a capacity of up to 1,000 kg/h, this plant is a significant step towards improving environmental standards and recycling capacities.

Definition/starting point:
  • Material: LDPE post-commercial material, pre-sorted transparent films from municipal waste
  • capacity: Maximum output of 1,000 kg/h
  • location: Santiago de Chile, market entry as the first IWAT plant of this type in South America
  • Cleaning process: Using the Lindner washing system for cold washing

Technical solution:

The technical equipment of the plant comprises:

  • pretreatment: Systematic pre-separation through an internally charged drum sieve with integrated dewatering press.
  • Chemical-physical cleaning: Clear, solid-free water thanks to the CCF25000 flotation unit (25 m³/h) guarantees optimal washing results with minimal supply of fresh water.
  • sludge dewatering unit to reduce the volume and weight of waste. The screw press thus saves disposal costs and the use of fresh water is further reduced.
Special features and benefits:
  • The transport and organization of delivery to Chile were fully coordinated by IWAT, which enabled seamless installation and commissioning.
  • Assembly supervision by IWAT ensured professional installation and technical support, supported by the local customer team.
Outcomes and Impacts:
  • The plant was commissioned in March 2024, with initial tests already showing excellent water quality and efficient sludge dewatering.
  • Excellent water quality in the process water outlet, characterized by clear and transparent water quality.
  • Good sludge formation shows effective separation and consolidation of solids.
  • CSB values (chemical oxygen demand), which are an indicator of the organic load of the water, are expected after the final analysis.


The new IWAT water treatment plant enables Recupac Chile to significantly increase recycling efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of municipal waste. With this advanced plant, Recupac is strengthening its leading role in the South American recycling market and making an important contribution to the sustainable development of the region.

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